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                         Quality - Comfort - Care

      Assisted Living for the Elderly

Our home has private rooms for day or respite care. We offer day care for those who just need 1 hour or 24 hour care. We work with our local hospice centers and Visiting Physician Association( VPA ) and welcome that level of care. 


The owners’ family live with the residents with separate kitchen, bathrooms and bed rooms. The residents have two bathrooms, one is fully handicap accessible.

All staff members are CPR certified, and have a Certified Nursing Assistance certificate.  

The President of this home is a Certified Respiratory Therapist, and a former Director of the Respiratory department and other ancillary departments at Michiana Community and St. Mary Community Hospital.

We have over 24 years of experience working with elderly so you can feel comfortable that we have the knowledge and expertise you expect.


Some of what we offer include:


  • Caring Home Environment

  • Private Rooms ( Can be tailored to your needs )

  • 3 Meals Daily   ( Home cooked nutritious meals )

  • Special Diets--We are happy to accommodate special diets. We are trained in diabetic care, including insulin injections.

  • We will assist in feeding and have also been trained to assist with feeding tubes.

  • We accept Senile Dementia and Alzheimer’s residents. However, they must be controllable, nonviolent, and cooperative.

  • Residents will have assistance during the night hours using the bathroom, a bedside commode, or depends.

  • Residents must be able to transfer or be lightweight enough for one person to safely handle them

  • Companionship ( A minimal staff with one on one attention )

  • Housekeeping  ( Rooms are cleaned and maintained daily )

  • Laundry ( All laundry is done daily ) 


  • Free WiFi

  • Internet with Roku TV ,DVD and VCR available.

  • 24 Hour Assistance

  • Day Care Available ( Click here for Pricing )

       Our Assisted Living Home Offers A Quiet Country Type Atmosphere
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