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When caring for our Elderly loved ones we are often faced with difficult decisions. When is the right time to admit them to an assisted living ,day care or even a nursing home? It may help your decision to answer some of the following questions:



1. Are you able to find qualified home care assistants in your area to relieve you of some caregiving responsibilities?

2. Are your caregiver duties causing you to lose sleep, miss work, or unable to manage household responsibilities?

3. As the caregiver, is your health at risk ?

4. Do you have the support you need and are other family members willing to help out?

5. Is the amount of home care assistance needed becoming too costly?

6. Would your parent allow outside help to come in and help with personal care, housekeeping chores, and meals?

7. Have any accidents occurred recently with appliances in home such as forgetting to turn the stove off properly or leaving other appiances on?

8. Can your parent move around safely in there home ,using stairs, getting in and out of bathroom and narrow doorways?

9. Have falls become a problem, and if so, is he or she willing and able to use a walker?

10. Does your parent have a raised toilet, bath tub seats, or safety railing?

11. If your parent smokes, have you noticed any burns in furniture ,carpets, clothing or bedding?

12. In the event of a fire, do you feel your parent would follow appropriate emergency measures including calling EMS?

13. Is your parent bathing regularly and maintaining adequate hygiene including hair washing, shaving and oral care?

14. Is your parent changing clothes daily or have they developed the habit of wearing the same dirty clothes ?

15. Has your parent become progressively dependent on help with eating, dressing, or bathing?

16. Have they become easily threatened or suspicious of others?

17. Is your parent eating properly, have you noticed recent weight loss, dehydration or simply are they refusing to eat?

18. Are they taking medications using correct dosages, if not are they willing to use a medication organizer device if necessary?

19. Has your parent gotten lost or unable to remember there personal information such as address, or phone number?

20. Is your parent willing to try a day care program to relieve some of the family responsibilities?

21. Affordability: Many places charge "add-on" services to your base rate. These add-ons can dramatically increase your care cost. Be cautious.

If you answered yes to some of these questions it doesn't mean that your parent should be moved to assisted living or a nursing home. If you determine that many of your answers are yes, then it is possible that having your elderly parent remain alone at home is no longer a safe option. We may be able to help you with a solution..

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