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Dear Bob,Vel, family members and staff:

Just wanted to spend some time today remembering our father and how much you played a part in his life.


Each of you took so much time daily in providing good health care, helping him with his meals, keeping him neat and clean, and keeping dad very comfortable. He loved TV and you were careful to select good clean programing ( quality shows).


Dad always loved special days such as his birthday and you were great to allow our family to use the dining room area and bring in food. The home was always clean, neat and just like one's own home.


I never worried about my dad for I felt he was well taken care of more than I had been able to do for him. We were grateful it was a christian home.


We deeply appreciated all you did for William Earl our dad and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Sincerely with love,


Pearlene M. and Mary Jo.


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